Man Whipped 100 Lashes For Being Gay In Nima

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Man Whipped 100 Lashes For Being Gay In Nima

Man Whipped 100 Lashes For Being Gay In Nima

A young man suspected to be gay has been whipped in Nima [predominantly Muslim community] by a vigilante group.

The group known as ‘Safety Empire’ is purposely aimed at fighting homosexuals in the community. The suspected was submitted to 100 strong lashes by the group.

His ordeal was because he is alleged to have lured another resident in the controversial act.

He was found guilty based on Sharia laws, the group said in a Facebook post.

The man, who was helpless and weak in a video released by the group on social media, was undressed and whipped with belts, sticks and sharp metals. He had bruises all over his body.

The vigilante group further served notice it will sustain the attack on suspected gays to stop homosexuality in the community and Ghana as a whole.

The United States in June passed a law on same-sex marriages making it now legal across the entirety of the country after a historic Supreme Court ruling that declared attempts by conservative states to ban them unconstitutional.

In what was prove the most important civil rights case in a generation, five of the nine court justices determined that the right to marriage equality was enshrined under the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment.

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