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Ghana Ghana Ghana

ghGhana Ghana Ghana

Free Free Free

Peace Peace Peace

Love Love Love

Ghana is free forever said by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah

Ghana is love, peace, justice, freedom and happy.

Ghana our motherland.

Ghana black stars, where we believe the black can shine among black

Ghana is full natural resources but lacks human resources to manage them.

Ghana is a respecter of human right but the basic right of the president is even guarantee.

Ghana is secular national but at certain occasion, other religion pretend to the fact that there are religious group in the land.

Ghana where every politicians is thief but everybody want to be a politician

Ghana where we have sitting president and hanging president

Ghana where its citizens prefer eating Rice, Pizza rather than Banku, Omo tuo and other origin Ghanaian food and products

Ghana where we go to school to learn things we don’t need in our daily life

Ghana where er prefer dollar over Cedis but unfortunately we turn around to blame the president and his ministers for the cedis depreciation

Ghana where poor people as seen as animal and the rich as thieves

Ghana Ghana Ghana I cannot go on

I cry I cry I cry

We have fail We have fail we have fail

God bless our homeland Ghana.







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